Pro Act

Congress is set to vote on the Pro Act and your voice must be heard in order to stop this harmful legislation. Complete the form to the right to tell Congress that you oppose the PRO Act with just a few clicks!

What is the PRO Act?

The PRO Act would undermine worker rights, ensnare employers in unrelated labor disputes, disrupt the economy, and force individual Americans to pay union dues regardless of their wishes. The bill mandates employers provide the contact information for all employees without prior approval from the employees themselves to union organizers. Employees would not be able to opt out of this requirement and would not have a say in what, if any, contact information is provided, again exposing workers to potential harassment. In addition, 28 states currently have Right-To-Work laws in place, which prohibit employers and unions from requiring employees to join or pay fees to the union as a condition of employment. Should the PRO Act pass, these laws would be repealed, further eroding worker rights.

TAKE ACTION NOW and urge Congress to reject the PRO Act.